Selection of the sample of nine EU countries

In order to pilot test the MPM tool, the CMPF has selected a sample of 9 countries, where it will be implemented.

The list of the sampled countries includes: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy and the UK. Several criteria have been selected to assure the highest degree of neutrality and representativeness of the sample, to allow for a consistent implementation in different context. In particular, the selected countries represent all broad geographic regions, including Western and Central-Eastern countries; founding and recently accessed Members States; also countries with different political and media systems, following the principles drawn by the popular Hallin-Mancini model (Hallin and Mancini, 2004. Comparing Media Systems. Three Models of Media and Politics).

Additional criteria for assuring representativeness was the attention paid to problems with media freedom and pluralism in the recent past, reflected in different international studies, as well as in EP resolutions, hearings and reports. Finally, the sample of countries has been selected trying to represent big and small markets, in terms of both population and economic wealth, following the thresholds indicated in the MPM (20 million inhabitants and 23,500 EUR GDP per capita-PPP).

Detailed information of the country selection is represented in the table below (Table N. 1). The wide variety of Member States included in the sample will guarantee the validity of the pilot testing and will provide adequate basis for assuring applicability of the MPM to all Member States in the future.