Risk Domain Risks that are not covered in MPM 2014
Cultural 1 Insufficient media representation of European cultures,
2 Insufficient media representation of national culture,
3 Insufficient proportion of independent production,
4 Insufficient proportion of in-house production,
5 Insufficient representation of world cultures,
6 Insufficient representation of the various cultural and social groups in mainstream media content and services,
9 Insufficient representation of different cultural and social groups in HR in the media sector
Geographic 4 Insufficient representation of regional and local communities in HR in the media sector,
5 Dominance of a limited number of information sources for local issues
Ownership 5 High ownership concentration of magazines,
7 High ownership concentration in book publishing ,
9 High vertical concentration
Political 8 Insufficient citizen activity and political impact in online media
Type and genre 2 Lack of/under-representation of/dominance of media genres,
3 Lack of sufficient market resources to support range of media,
5 Insufficient engagement of PSM in new media,
6 Insufficient attention paid to public participation.